Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibisis in Trinidad's Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Little Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron on Jamaica

Greater Yellowlegs

Greater Yellowlegs in the Caroni Bird Sanctuart, Trinidad


Cayman in the Mangrove Swamps in Trinidad

Snowy Egrets

Snowy Egrets in the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Trinidad

'Stink Worm' caterpillar

Green Parakeet

Green Parakeet in captivity

Green Heron

Green Heron on Nest.
Seems odd that two weeks previously I had travelled down to Kent, England in the Snow to see this same species and that now I was seeing it on its nest in temperatures in excess of 30 Centigrade.

Great White Egret

Great White Egret on Curacao


Osprey ( or Sea Eagles as they are known locally) on Bonaire

Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingos on Bonaire


Troupial (type of Oriole) in Curacao

Masked Booby

Masked Booby in Curacao

The Locals

Cattle Egrets

Cattle Egrets (or Cow Birds as they are known locally) on Barbados

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture on Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Turkey Vulture on Tortola


Sunset in Antigua

Sunset in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Spotted Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper o the Beach at Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Royal Tern

Royal Terns were common on most of the Caribbean Islands

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican on the Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Brown Pelican on Samana, Dominican Republic

Brown Pelican on Samana, Dominican Republic

Brown Pelican on Tortola, British Virgin Islands